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Live Animal Trapping & Removal

We specialize in the humane capture and removal of nuisance wildlife from both residential and commercial properties. 24 hours, 7 days a week, if you have a nuisance animal issue whether it’s a squirrel, snake, raccoon or something else, Catch My Critter can help!

Dead Animal Removal

Maybe you can’t see it, but you can sure smell it! The unmistakable odor of a dead animal is not a pleasant thing. It’s even more unpleasant when the animal is in your house, and you cannot find the animal or cannot access the animal. We can help!

Animal Damage Prevention

We perform onsite evaluations of your home and property to see what changes can be made to prevent wildlife from accessing and possibly damaging your property. We have seen just about every trick in the book wild animals come up with and we know how to stop them!

Animal Damage Repairs

Nuisance wildlife cannot not only be annoying, they can be destructive! If you have damage related to the presence of unwanted critters in your home, we can make repairs to those damages and take preventative measures to make sure they are not repeated.

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Vent Covers

Every house has vents. These vents are essential in making sure sewer gases can escape safely from your home. But while they let the gases out, they are a perfect entrance way to let problem critters in. Most vents installed on today’s homes are no match for the crafty critters, so it’s essential that every homeowner takes the extra steps to seal off their home from these animal invaders. And we have just the solution! Our own patent pending, vent covers specially designed to keep wildlife out! Our vent covers can be made in any color, to match any roof and home and are professionally installed by our trained technicians. Get yours today!

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